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Is Polaris oil good for high-performance engines? This is a question that many off-road enthusiasts ask when considering which oil to use in their vehicles. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Polaris oil in high-performance engines, and why it is a popular choice among off-road racers and enthusiasts. We will also discuss the features of the Polaris RZR Pro R Factory, a purpose-built race-ready UTV that is specifically engineered to excel in open desert racing.

The RZR Pro R Factory: Breaking New Ground for UTV Racing

Polaris, the leader in off-road vehicle innovation, has unveiled the industry’s first purpose-built race-ready UTV – the RZR Pro R Factory. This vehicle, based on the award-winning RZR Pro R platform, is designed to thrive against the grueling demands of open desert racing. It serves as a powerful centerpiece for the Polaris Factory Racing team, bringing back the concept of factory-engineered, race-ready vehicles for off-road racing programs.

The RZR Pro R Factory has been developed with the upcoming 250 in mind, where the Polaris Factory Racing team will make their debut. They will also compete in the SCORE International series and the Best in the Desert’s Vegas to Reno race. This inaugural season will showcase the capabilities of the RZR Pro R Factory and demonstrate its potential in off-road racing.

Power and Performance: The Heart of the RZR Pro R Factory

At the core of the RZR Pro R Factory is the ProStar Fury 2.0L engine, which is the most powerful engine in a consumer side-by-side. This naturally aspirated four-cylinder motor delivers 225 horsepower in its stock form. However, the RZR Pro R Factory takes performance to the limit with its large rear-mounted radiators and the use of Polaris Lubricants PS-4 Extreme ultimate synthetic engine oil. This combination allows the factory drivers to push the machine further in the harshest desert conditions.

The driveline of the RZR Pro R Factory is racing-calibrated with a race-tuned transmission, providing maximum power to the ground. The use of high-strength, lightweight materials in the chassis increases the overall power-to-weight ratio, resulting in maximized performance from start to finish. These features make the RZR Pro R Factory a formidable contender in any off-road racing event.

Built for the Toughest Conditions: Chassis and Suspension

The RZR Pro R Factory is built with a high-strength, lightweight chassis compliant with various race series, including FIA T4 Class, SCORE, Best in the Desert, and Rally Raid. This gives the vehicle the versatility to compete in global race events. To tackle the toughest and most extreme terrain, the purpose-built machine is equipped with 35″ BFGoodrich® Tires that offer maximum power and traction. These tires are secured on Method Race Wheels® with exclusive Bead Grip® technology, ensuring their stability during the most demanding races.

The chassis of the RZR Pro R Factory also features a full skid plate, front and rear bumper, and cage for complete vehicle protection. These components safeguard critical parts such as the engine and driveline from damage. Furthermore, integrated mounts for spare tires, jack, and tool kits provide added convenience for the factory racers, allowing them to tackle any racecourse with confidence.

To deliver maximum control over rough terrain, the RZR Pro R Factory is equipped with FOX 3.0 Live Valve X2 Internal Bypass shocks and a race-tuned DYNAMIX DV system. These systems adjust the compression and rebound in each shock, ensuring the vehicle stays firmly planted through corners and can handle even the roughest whoop sections.

Racing Ergonomics and Driver Comfort

The RZR Pro R Factory is designed with improved racing ergonomics to keep the factory drivers comfortable throughout the longest races. Sparco seats, harnesses, and steering wheel provide the necessary support and control, allowing the drivers to stay focused on the race ahead. Additionally, the racing cockpit features a seven-inch RIDE COMMAND and GPS, enabling drivers to closely monitor the course and anticipate upcoming challenges. The inclusion of PCI radio communication systems allows the drivers to stay in touch with their pit crew and receive real-time feedback and instructions.

Meet the Factory Drivers

Behind the wheel of each RZR Pro R Factory machine are Polaris RZR’s talented factory drivers – Reid Wilson, Brandon Sims, Austin Weiland, and Brock Heger. These drivers bring extensive off-road racing experience and a passion for the sport to the Polaris Factory Racing team. With their skills and the capabilities of the RZR Pro R Factory, they are poised to make a mark in the off-road racing scene.


In conclusion, Polaris oil is an excellent choice for high-performance engines, especially in off-road vehicles like the RZR Pro R Factory. The purpose-built race-ready UTV showcases the power, performance, and durability that Polaris is known for. With features like the ProStar Fury 2.0L engine, high-strength chassis, advanced suspension systems, and ergonomic design, the RZR Pro R Factory is a force to be reckoned with in off-road racing. Whether you’re a professional racer or an off-road enthusiast, Polaris oil and the RZR Pro R Factory are a winning combination.

For more information about Polaris RZR and their lineup, visit or follow RZR on Facebook and Instagram.

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